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Welcome to our blog, an occasion notebook of our round the world journey.

Today is our final day of the Japan leg, which has been a fantastic couple of weeks where we have made the most of the homely comforts of chalet living, indulged in perfectly created Japanese cuisine and rejuvenated our weary bodies in the local onsens.

The ski posse this year was made up of Chris, Laure, Finn, Cinnamon, Claire and Margaret who all crossed paths at some point. We  had a few days with the chalet full to the rafters, and some great days out on the slopes together. The best with the crew was at a nearby resort – Risutsu, where we managed to lead all the powder virgins astray on plenty of pristine tree runs.

Adam and I caught the best of the snow with three fantastic snowy days at the beginning of the trip, and a couple at the end.  We hiked the peak and found a nice new run down the back of the mountain finishing in Annapuri, and discovered a few more areas out of the gates to explore.

Sadly, as the snow continues to fall outside its time to move on to the next continent……next stop-  summer again in Buenos Aires!



  1. awesome, we’ll be sure to check in often. Good luck with the beginning of your travels. Hope the heat isn’t too much of a shock. it was for us!

  2. Some awesome pics! Hope you guys and your posse make it back to Niseko & Rusutsu next year to do it all again!

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