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Our world has been turned inside out and upside down!  30 hours of travel has delivered us to Buenos Aires, a weary, unkept version of Madrid.  The contrast to Niseko couldn´t be much greater.  We were hit by the warm humid weather, the slight of slabs of meat in the parrilla restuarants, the abundance of cafes every few paces on the coble stone streets, and the outdoor, relaxed  social atmosphere.

After recovering from a mild case of jet lag we took to exploring the diverse areas of the city, from the uperclass neighbourhood of Recoleta with it´s amazing cemetary (where Evita rests)  and European style designer stores, to colourful artisitc La Boca on the poorer side of the city, and our local neighbourhood of San Telmo where the streets come to life every Sunday for the weekly antique and craft markets.

We have just hired a car and are now prepared for the long trip south, deep into Patagonia where we´ll spend the next 6 weeks exploring.

yep, we´ve been delivered from mushroom heaven (Japan)  to mushroom hell (South America) in the comfort, friendliness and joy that are the hallmarks of American Airlines….luckily the succulent slabs of barbecued meat at every turn and the dulce de leche compensate beautifully for bidding the sashimi, yakitori and mushrooms (did I mention the mushrooms?) goodbye…. We treated ourselves to some fine meals in BA, the highlight being the best steak I´ve ever eaten at La Cabrera..(thanks Matt for the tip!!)  Loved the vibe on the streets of BA and in the bars, cafes and restaurants in the evening… such a unique fusion of italy, spain and south america but despite the excellent company I found the city slightly less enchanting than my last visit… maybe cause I spent quite a bit of time recontructing my final essay for my masters after the  computer corrupted the file near the end of the Japan trip… (but it is finally over goddamit)….  Also didn´t find the locals as ridiculously good looking and well dressed as before but still find their Spanish pretty hard to understand…   Tried to get into Boca Juniors stadium to see Boca play Racing but were laughed at by many good natured Argentinians when we asked if there were still tickets left on gameday…. we were wandering in the neibourhood at the time of the match and the noise was absolutely deafening… we will have to be organised and book tickets ahead for Rio!



  1. I agree with Laure, come on guys!
    however, we met Jacinta and Adam in Chaiten, which is a Chilean town with no water or electricity because it’s been destroyed by a volcano, and they promised they’ll soon update the blog 😉

  2. Am i the only one who thinks it’s about time for a new post…?

  3. Patagonia will bring many colourful stories and we will all be travelling with you both.
    Hope Adam is better now,
    with love, Mum xxxx

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