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From Chile back into Argentina. From Puerto Natales it was 8 hours back to El Calafate for the second time. We had  a 2 hour stopover, easily filled with visits to our favourite watering holes, then another four hours to El Chalten.

El Chalten, lying just off the infamous route 40, like most towns this far south, felt like an oasis in the desert.  It is off the main road, situated on lake Lago Viedma, and the Fitzroy mountain range. It has the feel of a place still coming of age (only founded in 1985), and growing quickly to accomodate the summer hiking season.

We had planned to spend four days here and wanted to do an easy 3 day walk, but as the weather closed in after our first day of rest, we had another day hanging around in the fabulous Chocolateria, eating the best empanadas (so far)  from the panaderia outside our hostel, and sleeping in.

We also went out for my belated birthday meal to a family run Parrilla. A cosy place with a good mixed plater (black sausage, lamb, beef, sausages) and a funny white pinguino jug for the 1litre house wine.  Crepes with dulce de leche for desert topped off the feast.

The weather cleared nicely on our thrid day, so we set off for a long day walk (8 hours) up to Lagos de Los Tres, lying at at the base of Mt Fitzroy. It turned out to be spectacular walk, with a dusting of snow on the surrounding mountain range and around the lake,  a great contrast to the grey spiky peaks of the Fitzroy range and autumnal colours in the foliage.

It was quite a steep climb to the lake. Once up the top we were nearly blown off by extremly strong gusts of wind circling the peak and whipping up the snow on the ground, but were duly rewarded with clear spectacualr views of Mt Fitroy and the stunning lake.


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  1. well you are truely nomadic by now.nothing like a challange to walk into the middle of the night to get an early view of what ever.The photos are just spectacular. I realy dont’t know how you will ever get to choose a favorite., love both your records, look forward to our own walks. Love marie and John.

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