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Moving on off the little island we headed north, into the heart of the volcano and lakes area of Chile.  Other travelers had raved about the area – what could be more stunning than glittering lakes with sharply defined volcanoes in the background?

From Puerto Varas we ventured around Lake Llanquihue for a day, but as the clouds had descended no volcanoes were in sight.  We had a night in, and cooked up a meal (stuffed eggplant) for our independent and strongly opinonated host- a lawyer who now runs a guest house from her little home.

Onto Frutillar the next day for a few hours stop-over. The old part of Frutillar sits on the edge of Lake Llanquihe, facing two very photogenic  volcanoes. It is quite a touristy little place, famous for its German influenced architecture and baked  goods (lots of kuchen!). Luckily, just as we had finished our hot chocolates in a cafe with views over the lake, the clouds lifted to reveal the perfectly shaped volcanos. We took our cameras to the shore for an hour, and after covering every angle raced up the hill to catch our bus to Pucon.


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  1. Photos worthy of the national geographic , You should send your blog address to laura’s aunt, She would love your pics and the description that goes with it. John.Laura and CHRIS SHOULD DO THE SAME IF THEY HAVE NOT ALREADY. jOHN.

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