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We had pre-bought bus tickets to the Falls, from Sao Paulo, but the bus from Paratay to Sao Paulo was scheduled to arrive with just 20mins to spare. After sweating out the 7 hour journey, we arrived perfectly on time, very thankful to be on the 15 hour bus to one of the most spectacular natural sights on the continent.

Adam had seen the falls on his last visit to South America, but I was absolutely amazed by the power and energy of the huge expanse of water. Apparently it was a particularly good time to see the falls, with a massive amount of water tumbling over the broad cliff faces. Initially we had plans to get to both the Brazilian and the Argentinian, but in the end we viewed and photographed all the angles of the Argentinean side, enjoyed a beer at our favourite viewing point, and then rushed back for our return overnight bus to Sao Paulo, and finally (sleep deprived, but satisfied) fell onto our flight to Europe.


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  1. After you see those falls, everything else pales in comparison. It is an amazing amount of water in one place.

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